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Leave of Absence (LOA) Scheme

The LOA scheme allows your child to rejoin their school after they return from overseas.
If your child is granted LOA, they will remain as a registered student of the school. They can then be re-admitted to the school directly after returning to Singapore.

LOA applies to all SC and PR children in primary school, secondary school, junior colleges and Millennia Institute.
To be granted LOA, your child must fulfil all 3 of the following criteria:
  • An SC or PR.
  • Presently studying in a Singapore school.
  • Accompanying you on an overseas posting with the intention of rejoining their school after returning to Singapore.
More details on the LOA scheme can be found on the MOE website here.

Click here if you wish to apply for the LOA scheme for your child. Please note that the LOA application is subject to the Principal's approval, and the school will notify you of the outcome.