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Financial Assistance

Singapore Citizens in government, government-aided, specialized and some independent schools who are in  financial need can get assistance from MOE on school fees and other expenses. Eligibility and benefits of MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (MOE-FAS) are available at the official MOE website at the following link:

If you wish to apply,  please fill up the relevant forms and submit to the school’s Admin Office.

MOE Financial Assistance
MOE Financial Assistance Form
2021 FAS Application Form.pdf 

Neu PC Plus Programme

Neu PC Form for MOE-FAS studentsNPP-Application-Form-for-MOE-SPED-FAS.pdf
Neu PC Form for non MOE-FAS studentsNPP-Application-Form-for-NON-MOE-SPED-FAS.pdf
Fibre Broadband application form NEU-PC-Plus-IMDA-FBB-Svc-Appl-9-April-2020.pdf
Home Access application form  HA 3.0 App Form v2.0 HOMES_FINAL 5 Apr.pdf