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Direct School Admission (DSA)

Pasir Ris Secondary School (PRSS) is in an exciting stage of growth. We would like to extend our warmest invitation to all Primary 6 students to apply for direct admission to our Secondary One in 2023 via the DSA-Sec Direct School Admission Exercise. Here are the 4 categories of DSA Talent Areas students can apply to:

a) Learning for Life Programme in Music & Performing Arts  - In PRSS, we embrace the love of aesthetics and have a vibrant culture in the Music and Performing Arts. Our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in music and performing arts is a broad-based programme encapsulated in ‘SHINE’ which comprises 5 key areas:  Self-discovery of interest and ability, Heritage & cultural appreciation, Interaction & Collaborative learning, eNgagement in community outreach & partnership and Excellence in artistic expression. Through music and the performing arts, we hope to cultivate sound values, social-emotional competencies and character in our students and help them to pursue their passion and talent in aesthetics. The Performing Arts CCAs in our school include the Choir, Concert Band, Chinese Orchestra, Drama and the Modern Dance. 

b) Applied Learning Programme in Humanities & English Language – Launched in 2014, our ALP aims to foster the joy of learning in Humanities and the English Language and cultivate in students the 21st Century competencies including effective communication and collaboration skills, critical thinking, civic literacy, global awareness and cross-cultural understanding. The programme provides students with a diversity of humanities subjects, application to real-world problems, deepening students’ appreciation of current affairs and global issues and authentic learning experiences through inter-disciplinary and Values-in-Action projects. Since 2019, our ALP has been retitled “Eye on the World:  Stories through Journalism” to expand into broadcast journalism and photojournalism where students are taught to create podcasts, videos, etc., on contemporary issues with the aim of growing students into discerning readers, critical thinkers and inquirers of knowledge, with the ability to communicate ideas effectively through journalism.

c) Talent Development in Sports – Football (Boys) and Volleyball (Boys & Girls) – new in 2020, our school has many alumni who embrace sports for life and are doing well in careers related to sports. As such, we are building on the tradition to grow sporting talents at our school. We have a comprehensive and extensive programme in Football and Volleyball to develop our athletes. Not only do they receive high-quality training in sports, but there is also a robust leadership programme to develop them into worthy sports ambassadors. We strongly believe that sports can build character, foster friendship and teamwork. If you have a strong passion for Football or Volleyball and have represented your primary school in sports competitions, do join us!

d) Digital Media - Our school has been on MOE pilot for the PDLP (Personal Digital Learning Programme) in 2019 and we have set up a programme to nurture students’ talent and interest in digital media. This programme is different from the ALP as it will include AVL (Audio Visual & Lighting) support and service to school and talent development in digital media including video recording, broadcasting, photography, coding, computational thinking and makerspace programme. Here, students undergo training on different digital media and get to create interesting prototypes such as block programming with mBots and micro bits using principles of design thinking.