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Trips for International Experience


With the emphasis on developing 21st Century Competencies (21CC) in our students and the recognition that schools' internationalisation efforts can strongly support the Desired Outcomes of Education, PRSS students are provided with opportunities to:
  • develop in them the 21CC of global awareness and cross-cultural skills and sensitivities; 
  • expose them to Asia and the world and sensitise them to the place of Singapore in the world; and 
  • deepen their commitment and rootedness to Singapore. 

As many as 240 students will be involved in 7 planned trips to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Vietnam this year. These trips provide opportunities to enrich our students’ learning experiences beyond the school. Apart from classroom immersion and interaction with the youths of the schools and organisations, our students also visit iconic places of the hosting countries to deepen their learning of the historical and cultural background of those places. Activities and programme planned by the staff included batik painting, Values-In-Action (VIA) programmes, field-work, school attachment and Cultural Immersion programmes.