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  • The Science Department is committed to nurturing students who demonstrate a high level of curiosity in Science and a high level of motivation and concentration and can make intuitive leaps in solving Science problems. We also want our students to be able to comprehend abstract concepts beyond age level expectations and see connections between Science and other disciplines. The Science Department is committed to nurturing students who are curious learners of the subjects and demonstrate a high level of motivation and focus and are intuitive and avid problem-solvers.
    • Our strategy for developing critical and inventive thinking in our students includes the use of Mathematics to define, understand and/or solve problems and teaching students to draw linkages and identify assumptions based on data. We also train our students to support their ideas using logical reasoning and to switch methods with ease, in a systematic manner.
    • As for communication, collaboration and information skills, we help to enhance our students' ability to integrate information and concepts into their existing knowledge base and to relate that knowledge base to new problems and topics.

Science Experiential, Enrichment and Development Programme (SEED)
Providing a channel for cognitive development in Science  

The Science Experiential, Enrichment and Development (SEED) Programme aims to promote interest and authentic learning in Science and Technology within and beyond the confines of the classroom. Through this programme, we hope to:
  1. Develop skills and deepen knowledge, so as to enhance students' understanding of scientific concepts
  2. Develop students' interest and nurture talent in Science and Technology
  3. Provide students with exposure to current scientific and technological trends

The programme is divided into three progressive stages:


Signature Programmes

Stage 1 (Enrich)
  • Field trips 
  • Learning journeys
  • In-house workshops

Stage 2 (Engage)
  • External workshops (Forensic Science, Applied Sciences and Engineering)
  • Intra-school and inter-school competitions

Stage 3 (Excel)
  • Overseas field trip (Pulau Tioman)
  • Inter-school and national competitions

Each stage is further divided into "For Most", "For Some" and "For Few", where "For Most" are programmes that cater to more than 2 classes, "For Some" are programmes that cater to at least 20 students, "For Few" are programmes that cater to less than 20 students.

Department Goal

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Subject(s) Taught Name Email
Physics Mrs Lim Ngee Peng
HOD Science
 Physics  Mr Mohamed Ashiq
YH Lower Secondary
 Biology /
Lower Secondary Science
Mdm Zulaiha Bte Shireen
Biology /
Lower Secondary Science
Mr Joshua Tan
HOD Character & Citizenship Education
Chemistry Ms Chua Wei Tian
SH Chemistry
Chemistry  Mr Chua Khoon Wee / 
SH Information Communication Technology
Physics Mdm Siti Mariam
ST Character & Citizenship Education
Physics Mr Chiang Shu Lee
ST Physics
Chemistry /
Lower  Secondary  Science
Ms Quah Wei Wee quah_wei_wee@moe.edu.sg
Chemistry / NT Science Ms Jaslin Chan jiang_wei_yeow@moe.edu.sg
Chemistry /
English Language
Ms Ng Xiang Ming ng_xiang_ming@moe.edu.sg
Chemistry / Mathematics Mr Gan Chun Seng Stephen gan_chun_seng@moe.edu.sg
Chemistry / Mathematics Mr Koh Bing Qin koh_bing_qin@moe.edu.sg
Physics Mr Kok Wai Keong, Kevin /
Science (Physics)
Laboratory Technician Mdm Dinah Tan Kwee Choo tan_kwee_choo@moe.edu.sg
Laboratory Technician Ms Khairunnisa Rahmat khairunnisa_rahmat@moe.edu.sg
Laboratory Technician Mr Muhamad Syafiq Muhamad Siraj muhamad_syafiq_muhamad_siraj@moe.edu.sg



Forensic Science Workshop at Nanyang Polytechnic 


East Zone A-Star Science Fest 

Nat Earthquake Competition.jpg 
Nat Earthquake Competition 

Pulau Tioman 

Sungei Buloh 6.jpg 
Field Trip to Sungei Buloh 

Field trip to SEA Aquarium  
Field trip to SEA Aquarium 

Experiential learning through growing vegetables 
Experiential learning through growing vegetables