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The Humanities Department at Pasir Ris Secondary aspires to cultivate a passion for the study of academic disciplines covering human behaviour and culture.  

The subjects include Geography, History, Social Studies and Elements of Business. In addition, we are preparing our students for the evolving complexities of the globalised world by infusing experiential and hands-on learning opportunities. As part of professional learning, we continue to innovate our instructional programs by using IPad applications in our teaching and learning. In addition, we continuously seek ways for students to apply what they have learnt in the Humanities curriculum into real life contexts, anchored on current affairs.

In 2014, our school started the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Humanities and Languages. This resulted in an increase in the variety of Humanities Subjects offered at the Upper Secondary levels. In addition, a thinking paradigm utilising the Elements of Thought and Intellectual Standards was adopted. Together with an emphasis on current affairs, we aim to develop our students into concerned citizens who will be able to contribute meaningfully back to Singapore. 


Subject(s) Taught Name Email
Social Studies / History Mr Sim Keng Yam
HOD Humanities
 Geography / Social Studies  Ms Cecilia Ang
 History Mdm Mariamah Mohd Yusoff
LT History 
Geography Mdm Sarifah Bte Tamsir
LT Geography
Social Studies / Geography Mdm Hairunisa Hosnin
ST Social Studies
 Geography / Social Studies  Ms Serene Toh toh_li_hui_serene@moe.edu.sg 
Geography / 
English Language
Mdm Noraidah Suwandi noraidah_suwandi@moe.edu.sg
Social Studies / 
English Language
Mr Marc Chong chong_zhi-wei_marc@moe.edu.sg
Geography /
Principles of Accounts
Mrs Yeo Wan Li cheng_wan_li@moe.edu.sg
Elements of Business Skills / 
Physical Education
Mr Abdul Halim abdul_halim_mohamed_udori@moe.edu.sg
Elements of Business Skills / 
English Language
Ms Cindy Soh soh_sock_kheng@moe.edu.sg
Geography / History Mr Lim Kian Long lim_kian_long@moe.edu.sg
 History / English Language Ms Mavis Ho  ho_min_yu_mavis@moe.edu.sg 
 History / English Language  Mrs Koh Mei-Zhen Rebecca Lynette koh_mei_zhen_rebecca@moe.edu.sg 
Social Studies /
English Language
Ms Shayne Ong Chi Ying chi_ying_shayne_ong@moe.edu.sg
 History / English Language Mr Zulkifli Mohamed Saat
 Humanities /
English Language
Ms Nadirah Binte Jamallodin
 History /
Malay Language
Mr Saiful Reduwan
 Social Studies / History  Ms Fiona Chew  chew_xin_rong_fiona@moe.edu.sg
 Social Studies / English  Ms Yap Shu Fen  su_fen_yap@moe.edu.sg
 History / English  Mdm Shahilla d/o K.Balakrishnan  shahilla_balakrishnan@moe.edu.sg
 History / Social Studies  Ms Hendriks Hannah Dawn Terese  hannah_dawn_terese_hendriks@moe.edu.sg