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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

The Applied Learning Programme (ALP), Project DRIVE@PRSS, aims to provide students with opportunities to relate learning to real-life situations; increase their awareness of local and global issues, and develop critical thinking and communication skills.

The 5 key strategies in Project DRIVE @PRSS include:
  • Diversity in Humanities Subject offerings (D) - Provide a variety of Humanities subject offerings to better prepare students for post-secondary education
  • Relevance of learning to real world situations (R) – Provide quality learning experiences for students to apply their knowledge and skills to real-life situations and to relate academic curriculum to real-world application
  • Interest in reading and improved literacy (I) - Cultivate reading habits for deeper learning and improved literacy so as to enable students to better express themselves and build up their confidence
  • Value in real-world application through current affairs and career guidance (V) – Leverage current affairs to enhance students’ global awareness, perspective taking and cultural literacy; augment students’ awareness of career opportunities linked to the disciplines of Humanities through career talk, learning journeys and attachments
  • Environment and partnership (E) - Transform physical spaces into themed corners to cultivate students’ interest in current affairs and global issues; collaborate with key external partners to make learning more authentic and experiential   

Our Highlights

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(Clockwise from Top Left)

  • A group of secondary two students sharing the Historical Fiction they wrote, centered on life during the Japanese Occupation, to the visitors of Pasir Ris Library, in conjunction with National Reading Day. 
  • As part of the Secondary 3 TEENacious Programme on Caring For the Elderly, students learn to empathize with the elderly by doing simple tasks whilst having their vision restricted through wearing special glasses.  
  • Students experience carrying out a librarian’s daily duties around the library, in conjunction with National Reading Day.
  • Upper secondary students and teachers undergoing Coastal Fieldwork at Tanjung Sutera, Johor, in November 2016.
  • Promotional poster of Pioneers of Singapore 2015, where students, as part of their Historical Investigation project, research on the contributions of the pioneers of Singapore.
  • Tourism Innovation Competition organized by Temasek Polytechnic School of Business– Students from the upper secondary levels, as well as ITE, to share their creative inputs, suggestions, and strategies to produce innovative experiences for visitors to Singapore.



Secondary 1 & 2 Exp and N(A) students will carry out IPW. IPW aims to provide students with opportunities to explore the interrelationships and connections between different subjects and develop in them the 21st Century Competencies. Through project work, pupils will be able to apply creative and critical thinking skills, improve communication skills and develop self-directed inquiry and life-long learning skills.
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