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Level Camps

Sec 1 - Camp Oneiric

Transitioning to a secondary school can be both exciting but daunting for all Secondary One students. To welcome the Secondary Ones to the Pasirians' Family, we design enriching and fun activities for them through  "Camp Oneiric" in the first week of school. 

In Camp Oneiric, we are sure that the Secondary Ones will enjoy and have a memorable time in the series of fun and exciting activities that we have lined up for them. We believe that the camp will provide solid transitional support for the Secondary One students. 

Camp Oneiric offers plenty of opportunities for our students to step beyond their comfort zones and become independent and confident learners. Some of the highlights from this camp include making the dream catcher, Kin Ball, Amazing Race, Aesthetic Induction program, and music-making sessions. These activities will establish stronger bonds between classmates and their teachers.

Sec 2 - Camp Spark

At Camp Spark, students will discover their interests and strengths and develop their socio-emotional competencies through venturing out of their comfort zone and working with others. 

The theme of Camp Spark and its tagline “Zest For Life” is specially conceptualised with the aim to ignite the zeal and drive in Pasirians, which is the key to enable Pasirians to work towards realising their dreams. It takes a spark to get the fire burning. This is akin to the Pasirians starting to discover (spark off) their interests, strengths and acquiring a positive mindset. 

The metaphor of “Campfire” symbolizes the progression whereby Pasirians have gained their footing after Secondary One, internalised the PRIZE values and way of life, and will now begin their preparation to cultivate passion to chase their dreams.

Through the camp, students will develop a positive mindset as they learn to overcome challenges they face along the way. Through the authentic and experiential learning in this camp, they will forge friendships, deepen their sense of belonging, and pride towards the school. Highlights of this year’s camp include virtual reality, urban farming, outdoor cooking, laser tag and class-based campfires!

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Sec 3 - Camp Metamorphosis

The Secondary 3 level camp, entitled “Camp Metamorphosis”, aims to develop identity and provide transitional support as students move to a new class in secondary 3. The activities were designed to help them ease into the new environment and provide opportunities to build friendships with cohort peers and cultivate a stronger sense of belonging to the school.  

Throughout the camp, students had opportunities to develop their class spirit as they worked together on various projects. Through the authentic and experiential learning in this camp, they will forge friendships, and deepen their sense of belonging, and pride in the school.

The theme of the camp was selected as adolescence is a period of transformation, not unlike a chrysalis changing into a butterfly. It is only through the struggle of metamorphosis that he gains the strength to survive on his own. This is not like the growing up process, where our young grow through the struggles and difficulties they went through. 

Sec 4N - Camp Quest / Sec 4E5N - Camp Conquest

Camp Quest seeks to prepare the Sec 4 Normal Academic and Normal Technical classes as they work towards graduating from PRSS. The programme is tailored to help them find their focus and to be clear about their goals so that they can achieve them. 

The tagline of the camp is “Go the Distance”. The activities in the camp also seek to equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to help them to conquer the challenges that they may face along the way. 


At the start of the camp, students define what success means to them and how they can live a life of purpose, identifying the reasons why they want to be successful and yet at the same time find support from others should the going get tough. Students also build their confidence through learning about the power of first impressions, where they are exposed to the importance of social and business etiquette, personal grooming, and hygiene, as well as effective interpersonal communication skills.  

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Through these activities, we hope that they will help them to

  • enhance their resilience and help them to stay focused on pursuing their aspirations
  • deepen their friendships with cohort peers to achieve team goals
  • learn various soft skills relevant to the future workplace
  • cultivate a sense of belonging and pride in the school
  • develop greater awareness of post-secondary options