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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Learning for Life Programme (LLP): Music & Performing Arts

In PRSS, we embrace the love of aesthetics and have a vibrant culture in the Music and Performing Arts. Our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in music and performing arts is a broad-based programme encapsulated in ‘SHINE’ which comprises 5 key areas:  Self-discovery of interest and ability, Heritage & cultural appreciation, Interaction & Collaborative learning, eNgagement in community outreach & partnership and Excellence in artistic expression.  Through music and the performing arts, we hope to cultivate sound values, social-emotional competencies and character in our students and help them to pursue their passion and talent in the aesthetics.

Learning for Life Programme (LLP) aims to build a vibrant arts environment where every child can SHINE through the ARTs.

Vision: To develop Pasirians into: 

  1. Cultured Citizens who are well-acquainted with the culture and heritage of Singapore and deeply appreciative of its Arts and its place in society
  2. Reflective learners who are able to interpret, respond and reflect on their experiences and interactions with the various art forms
  3. Creative Performers who able to create and use multiple art forms for communication & expression.

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