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Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW)

The IPW is a lower secondary platform that provides students with the opportunity to synthesise knowledge from various areas of learning, and critically and creatively apply it to real-life situations. It enables them to acquire skills like collaboration, communication and independent learning, prepares them for lifelong learning and the challenges ahead. 

In Pasir Ris Secondary School, the IPW allows our students to explore the world and examine issues and problems pertinent to them. Guided by the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development goals (SDGs), students explore these issues through various secondary researches done at the national or international level. They then investigate the issue at the school or community level, and work with the relevant stakeholders to solve problems that they have identified.  

Through their involvement in this project straddling Sec 1 and 2, our students are exposed to research, problem identification and solution, media literacy, and advocacy. This enables them to develop into socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community through the learning and application of values, knowledge, and skills.

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