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Student GPA Insurance Plan

All students are covered by the Group Personal Accident (GPA) Insurance Plan which covers death, permanent and total/partial disability and medical expenses due to an accident.

The GPA Insurance covers each student when that student is:
(a) In his or her school;

(b) Participating in the school’s activities, or any activity related to the school, including home-based learning & blended learning, Co-Curricular Activities (“CCAs”) and sports, regardless of the time at which such activities are conducted and whether the activity is conducted in the school, in Singapore, or elsewhere;

(c) Commuting from (or to) his or her place of residence, including a hostel, to (or from) either the school’s premises or the place where an activity covered by the GPA Insurance will be conducted, including any reasonable deviations. For the avoidance of doubt, the student’s place of residence may include a place that is not in Singapore;

All student accident insurance claims submission are to be submitted electronically.  Parents/students are to submit their claims online and check the claims status through the online portal.