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National Civil Defence Cadet Corps

About Us

NCDCC Pledge

We, members of the National Civils Defence Cadet Corps,

Pledge to serve our community.

We take pride in our training and uniform.

We are disciplined and responsible for our actions.

We are loyal to the Nation.

National Civil Defence Cadet Corps (NCDCC) is a National Uniformed Group under the purview of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore Civil Defence Force.

NCDCC believes in developing and empowering our youths to be active & concerned citizens with life-saving skills. PRSS NCDCC began its journey in 2015, with the focus to develop greater awareness of civil defence in our cadets and prepare them with the skills to respond effectively to emergencies at home and abroad. The attitude of readiness against adversity and practical skills which are critical in the face of danger and emergencies, are life-long capabilities that will prove beneficial to our young civil defence ambassadors.


Unit Overall Performance Award - Gold (5th consecutive year, since 2015)


Unit Cadet Award 2021 LEONG WEE KWOK, RAY

UOPA GOLD Award 2021

SCDF Pinnacle Award 2022 - Warrant Officer Leyu Jing Kai Rico

SCDF Pinnacle Award 2022 - Warrant Officer Brasen Lew

Unit Best Cadet Award 2022 - Warrant Officer Leyu Jing Kai Rico


Day Time Venue
(main training day)
3.30 PM - 6.30 PM Parade Square
(additional training day)
2.30 PM - 5.30 PM Parade Square


LTA Wong Yun Yi - OIC

LTA Yap Su Fen - 2IC

LTA Hannah Lum Wan Ling

Mr. Daniel Ng Tze Keen


NCDCC’s motto of “We Learn, We Lead, We Serve”, in alignment to the 3 big ideas in Character and Citizenship Education: “Identity, Relationships and Choices”, well encapsulates the journey of NCDCC cadets into three phases:

We Learn

Cadets learn Triangle Of Life skills, which include basic firefighting, first aid and CPR+AED. These are core skills in NCDCC, which enable cadets to help themselves and others in times of need. Equipping cadets with these skills will help to form their identity as NCDCC cadets, a community responder at heart.


We Lead

Cadets will be trained in soft skills such as leadership, communication (including methods of instruction), relationship management and social awareness to get them ready for their leadership phase. They will also further hone their civil defence skills by going through one of the three cadet specialist tracks and be given leadership opportunities to lead their peers.


We Serve

Cadets will make choices to serve their school and the wider community through public education platforms such as the NCDCC Service Month and Emergency Preparedness Day as advocates of Emergency Preparedness. With the civil defence knowledge and skills imparted to them, they will also be able to lend a helping hand as Community First Responders with a compassionate heart.

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NCDCC Curriculum

NCDCC’s curriculum focuses mainly on Triangle of Life Skills, which include basic firefighting, first aid and CPR+AED. These important lifesaving skills can make a difference to save a life in times of needs.

Secondary 1

The three badges that a Secondary One Cadets will complete include Total Defence (Bronze) Badge, Foot Drill (Bronze) Badge and Fire Safety Proficiency Badge. Cadets get to go through fire safety training at Sectorised Training. They are eligible for promotion to Lance Corporal upon completion of the three badge works.

Secondary 2

Secondary Two Cadets typically will complete six badges within the year. This includes Civil Defence Knowledge Badge, First Aid Proficiency Badge, SANA Badge, Foot Drill (Silver) Badge, CPR+AED Proficiency Badge and Rescue Proficiency Badge. They are eligible for promotion to Sergeant upon completion of six badge works.

Secondary 3

Secondary Three Cadets are required to complete the HAZMAT Proficiency Badge and Homefront Security Badge. There will also be three Specialisation Courses offered, namely the Fire Safety, Medical Response and Urban Search and Rescue Specialisation Courses. Cadets are eligible for promotion to Staff Sergeant upon completion of the Specialisation Courses.

Secondary 4

The top tier of Cadet Leader will be chosen to the Warrant Officer of the unit.



Observance Day.jpg
NCDCC Observance Day

PRSS Passing Out Parade.jpg
PRSS Passing Out Parade

NCDCC Recruitment Day.jpg
NCDCC Recruitment Day

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Visit to Singapore Discovery Center

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NCDCC Overseas Educational Visit to Hong Kong

Chingays First Aid Volunteer.jpgChingay's First Aid Volunteer 

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National Day Parade