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Tinkers' Club

About us

At Tinkers Club, students learn about coding and crafting. As we live in an IT savvy environment, it is essential for students to learn about coding and know the basic fundamentals of creating a program using block coding software's and microcontrollers. Crafting is also another essential skill that we want students to acquire. Students will learn to be creative and innovate their own prototypes using modelling materials and crafting equipment. These programmes are to allow students to be future ready, where innovation and basic IT knowledge is very much essential in their daily lives.


Tinkers Club has its own makerspace. The makerspace will allow students to come and create their own models or products whenever they are available. During craft work sessions, members get to research and draw their creative ideas using sketchbook software. Tinkering with various materials such as fabric, cardboards, construction papers, balsa wood and plastic straws to come up with creative designs of their models such as glider and car models, various sewing products, art inspired shaped models, T-shirt and candy dish making.

In coding sessions, members were taught the fundamentals of block coding using micro: bits and further developed their coding skills through robotics. Through coding, members benefit from understanding a variety of block coding syntaxes, using electronic components and sensors, enhancing their problem solving skills, creativity, logical and computational thinking skills. 


Tuesday / Thursday2.30 PM - 6.00 PMTinkers’ Club Room


Mr. Wilfred Teo (OIC)
Mr. Noor Rahman Saini
Ms. June Ho Wei Wei 
Mr. Koh Chun Kiat (Advisor)






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