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Audio Visual Lights

About us

The Audio Visual and Lights Club (AVL) has three main areas of specialisation: SERVE, SHOOT and CREATE! AVL members SERVE the school and her community by providing crucial Audio-Visual (AV) support for schools events big and small, such as school assemblies and National Day celebration. AVL members acquire photography and videography SHOOTing skills through courses and in-house training. They hone their skills when they undertake various AV projects such as being photographers for school and community events. Member also learn post-production editing to CREATE high quality photographs and videos. 


Tuesday / Thursday3.30 PM - 6.00 PMAVL Room / Computer Labs


Mr. Chiang Shu Lee
Mr. Chang Hock Boon
Madam Shahilla D/O K Balakrishnan
Advisor: Mr. Sim Keng Yam


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