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Blended Learning

For Students

[Updated on 25 January 2022]

Dear Students,

Please see table below for the dates of the fortnightly Blended Learning (BL) Day in Term 2 2022. 
30 March (Wed)All Levels-
 13 April (Wed)All Levels
27 April (Wed)All Levels-
 25 May (Wed) All Levels-
Click here to view the BL Day timetable for Term 2. 

Please refer to the Student Guide to HBL Day for the useful information shared during the HBL Day briefing.

For any 
account or password queries, please contact the following:
    1. Home Teachers
    2. School-based Helpdesk at 6501 0891
    3. Email at prss@moe.edu.sg if the hotline is busy

Should you require counselling or learning & behavioural support, you may contact the following:
1. Home Teachers
2. School Counsellor/ AED (LBS): 6501 0839

For Parents

[Updated on 25 January 2022]

Dear Parents, 

Blended Learning (BL) is part of MOE’s efforts to further develop our students’ ability to be self-directed, passionate and lifelong learners. Home-Based Learning (HBL) Days will be scheduled about once a fortnight to complement teaching and learning in school. We hope to partner you by inculcating in our students the skills to self-manage and take ownership for their own learning.

Do refer to the Parent Resource Kits (click on links below) provides general information and tips on HBL Days, a part of the BL structure, and how you can support your child on their HBL days.

Thank you.

Resource Kit - Experiencing Blended Learning (BL) with Our Children
Resource Kit - How do I support my child on regular HBL Day?