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Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: Confident Learners, Caring & Resilient Citizens

We want to nurture every *Pasirian to become a:        

·    Confident Learner who is inquisitive, motivated, reflective, thinks critically, communicates effectively and owns his/her learning

·        Caring and Resilient Citizen who embraces challenges and has the moral courage to make a positive difference to the lives of others.

Mission: Inspiring Lives, Nurturing Talents, Realising Dreams

We believe that every student can learn and grow. Teachers hold the key to unlock the hearts and minds of our students.  It is therefore imperative for teachers to model the way for Pasirians, guide them to be anchored on core values and purpose, teach them the requisite skills and knowledge to be future-ready and develop their potential to the fullest so that they will have a zest for life, the passion to learn, the confidence to lead and the resilience to navigate the complexities in life to become the future of Singapore. 


Belief in the worth of self, school and the community

Fulfilment of duty to self, family, community, nation and the world

Honesty in words and actions, and moral courage to stand up for what is right

Enthusiasm to learn and pursue one's dreams, persevering even in the face of challenges 

Ability to understand and feel for others, and show care and compassion