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School Motto, Vision and Mission

Motto: Pride and Responsibility

Our Motto, Pride and Responsibility, derived from the initials of the school, are solid values which we hope to instill in our students. These virtues, like sails in the wind, will carry us forward to success and work excellence. The waves which form the base on which Pride and Responsibility rest, symbolize the students' aesthetic and moral development which complement their formal education.

Vision: Independent Learners, Confident Leaders, Caring Citizens

We want to nurture every *Pasirian to become a/an:

  • Independent Learner who is inquisitive, motivated, reflective, resilient, thinks critically and owns his/her learning
  • Confident Leader, who has moral courage, communicates effectively, inspires others, takes initiative to make a difference
  • Caring Citizen who has a sense of belonging to Singapore, shows concern for local and world issues and takes an active part to serve better the lives of others

Mission: To nurture Pasirians to have sound values, a passion for life and learning and a global outlook

Values refer to the shared school values of Pride, Responsibility, Integrity, Zeal, Empathy, Respect, Resilience and Harmony which guide the Pasirian on how to conduct his life (make good choices or decisions) in a meaningful and satisfying way.

Passion for life and learning refer to one's drive in improving one's own and others' lives and commitment to continuous learning.

Global outlook refers to one's ability to demonstrate awareness of Singapore's role in addressing issues in the global community and how global issues can impact relationships among various countries.